Saturday, December 5, 2015

NYTimes front page editorial

Does this seem desperate to you?  The Grey Lady herself reeks despair.

"DO something!  Especially something admittedly innefectual."  And it hits same ol' tired and standard gun banner tropes.

It feels like our side is winning. They've come to this...  flop sweat of a once in 100 years piece. 

Terrists are slaughtering people in the street and they want to ban the people's guns?  Illogical.  And illogical in a way the NYTime editorial board doesn't see, but everyday Americans do.


And now we have a response to the other side saying "No one is talking about gun confiscation."  Well the Times did.  On the front page.  December 2015.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Seems to me that The Liberal Elite Democommie Regime is Panicking because all those poor Islamic Refugees that they allowed in Europe and the United States to show that it was ALL Bush's Fault are now attacking THEM at the Cafés of Paris and the Bureaucracy Buildings they set up to help the Poor.

AND it also shows that the Gun Control Laws they forced onto the EU and Kalifornia are Totally Worthless.

But in their Typical Insane Thinking, the want the Same Useless Laws over and over and over...