Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hey Smith & Wesson

I'd have bought a bunch more brand new revolvers from you in the past 8 years if you hadn't put that little zit on there.

Of the plastic guns, I lean toward S&W M&P, and we can still get those in Maryland despite extra gun control laws.  I never liked you factory trigger, or I'd have one already.  But I really like the Apex drop in after market trigger.  So I'll just get 2 pistols and 2 drop ins.  It's even moving up higher on my 'to get' list.  See?  They actually made the Pimary section.  There hasn't been a real new gun on the Primary for 4 years

AH.  But wait.  You wanna poop all over that and cause Apex a lot of trouble.  A cease and desist letter? Because they make the trigger you SHOULD provide in every factory gun off the line?  I swear to GAWD if you screw them over you have lost a customer for life.  You've been stepping on rakes since the Clinton administration.

Put it simply...  Hose over Apex, and I will settle for an XD.

I have 5 S&W products.  I only bought the .22 new because... It's just a .22.  I would have bought the others new but for bad decisions made at Corporate HQ.  You left money on the table there.  I got 2 plastic pistol purchase coming down the road... maybe another AR....  Guess where I might preclude myself from looking?

So disappointed.

Should I buy the Apex now in case they get yanked?  No, I just won't bother with the M&P.

Are you happy S&W?  You got me thinking, "Meh, I don't need to make another gun purchase..."  Are you happy now?!

(Just buy Apex out and use their triggers in your guns, stock.  Everyone is happy then.)

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New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Let's see what happens when the dust settles