Thursday, December 31, 2015

Democrats and Crime

"Violent Criminals are ALL Democrats"  Ted Cruz stole that from me!  Well, cribbed it from me.  Sorta.  I was just saying registered Democrats should be prohibited persons, maybe.  Democrats or Democrat constituents.

So...  My odd idea...  To make the perma-outrage left half of the country happy...  Amend the 2nd Amendment making it not apply to those murderous Leftists.  We already have registry lists of Democrat voters.  Order all of them to turn their guns in.  Or any other left of center political party. 

MILLIONS fewer gun owners!  Just like they want.   By their calculations, crime would go down, and it might.  If a Democrat needs protection they can always dial 911.  The freedom loving side of America will have a glut of surplus guns and ammo to perhaps buy up if they want.  It's win win!

And they can do that without having to go through the GOP control Congress, right now, this instant.  They know if they are a Lefty in Possession.

If Felons all voted for GOP type the Republicans would be all about returning the franchise.  But felons don't.

Anyway, that was a year and half ago I said it

I guess a presidential candidate is allowed to observe what I observe.

Bayou Renaissance Man also noticed that the top 24 most murderous cities in the US are all run by...  what party?  Yes.  And many, I bet, have been a straight unbroken string of Lefties Dems since before I was born. 

Did a Millennial give you a lecture this past Thanksgiving on what a troglodyte you are for doubting Obama and not putting rainbows all over your Facebook this year and want to have a dinner argument about why Bernie Sanders is the future?  I hope you checked your wallet.  He probably tried to steal it...

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