Friday, December 11, 2015

Political Opposite Judo

 "Using your own weight against yourself in a battle..."

Every time there is a mass shooting in the past decade the Post-Brady gun banners try to exploit it and instead achieve the opposite of their goals, on net.  They get less gun control and less support in public opinion.

Which is a longer trend, and why we can say 'Post-Brady' because Brady shrivelled away from disinterest since their peak 20 years ago.

They lose, we win.  More guns are sold, more laws lifting regulation pass than laws restrciting guns, the needle moves towards freedom in the polls...  It's almost like they are ANNOYING people into the arms of the 2nd Amendment camp.  (Which is some doing, as we have our own annoying people, don't we?) 

I'm wondering if they notice?

Maybe they'll learn.

You'll know they have learned when an event happens and they don't comment on it or thump the tub or whinge for gun bans.  I suspect the money men will always work behind the scenes, but nothing flashing in the media for a cycle.  Anti-gun propaganda is counter-productive, they can and could muzzle that propaganda. 

Dunno if that side is smart enough to play the long game.  Or even think beyond Stage One, most of em.

But for America, them hushing up might help tamp down copycat shooters.  Which would be a good thing on the whole.  Stop making those chumps famous, there might be fewer attracted to that line of work, making the world a better place. 

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azmountaintroll said...

I don't think the leadership actually expects to accomplish anything, they're just going through the motions so they can keep cashing the checks.