Friday, December 4, 2015

Body Armor

Am I the only one that assumes that when there is a report from a mass shooting and it says the shooters had 'military style assault weapons' and 'BODY ARMOR' that the body armor is actually just a tactical vest with zero real protective advantages?

Make sense.  The bad guys are on offense.  They want to carry lots of reloads.  They may want to carry a backup pistol, some other things.  A tactical vest fulfills this.  A bad guy may WANT the protection of a actual body armor, but body armor is less common to have to hand.  Shooting more is higher on the priority list. 

Now you can combine body armor with tactical pouches all over it, but, that still isn't my hunch.  Plus the bad guy gunmen haven't been prior service door kicker types as yet.  ANd may never be.  So shooter that is drilled and trained to go with that rig hasn't been seen.

No, I think it is most likely that the tac vest are getting called body armor by ignorant types that are getting their information third hand and already dumbed down for Journalism majors.


Now, this brings up a problem.  What to do in the beginning of something like a Zombacalypse.  When things are melting down, panic is all about, but total breakdown hasn't occurred.  Cops still patrol, the cell phones still work....  Stage 3 instead of full blown Stage 4 Zombocalypse.  People like me or the readers of this blog might like the utility of a tactical vest for that self same ammo-toting ability.  Tell the truth... you own one, don't you?  If there were zombie 5 blocks away from you you'd be wearing it right now. But how do you display yourself in public?  Panicky people see you, call 911, now the cops come and do target practice.  It's another version of the "Shoot Me First" vest. 

So, what is the solution?  Some sort of Suburban Camouflage.  A way to carry extra mags beyond the back hip pocket but not attract attention.  Like eschewing actual cammy clothes and just wearing normal earth tones.  You blend in in the woods, you blend in in the mall, you blend in on the subway.  But brown pants and a green jacket still doesn't provide you with mag pouches.

Obviously, the situation isn't ideal.  Lots of pockets on that jacket will hold a mag or two each (maybe just one, as 2 rattle together).  They are loose and not super secure and easy access, but compromises have to be made so you don't get made, and aired out for being a terrist.  


abnormalist said...

Easy answer?

Several pockets that can carry a magazine, and dont scream "Tacti-cool" They also dont generally look out of place in business casual.

The other option, is to get your vest and add the patches that say "POLICE"
I suspect its not legal, but...

JC said...

Tweed is the original camo!

Old NFO said...

They actually did have SAPI plates in their tac vests... And nominal brown and greens work in multiple environments!

SgtRed said...


Brits have used it for years

Ratus said...

One of these?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Depends on the Weather, but it seems to me that the Hipsters are wearing modified M-65 Field Jackets that have Ample Pockets. And don't forget the Over the Shoulder "Messenger Bags" that some of them use.