Sunday, March 19, 2017

A 2011

"I dunno, T-Bolt... a 2011?  A double stack 1911?  Those don't have a reputation of reliability."

No, they do NOT.  The model's biggest hangup is magazine issues.  Quality, expensive, mags still hang up the gun like CRAZY.  I knew this before I saw it on the shelf.

"So why did you risk it?"

Well, unlike most double stack 2011 buyers, I bought this from a good gunsmith.  One willing to help with them magazines.  The magazine need smithing as much as the rest of the gun. 

A big issue is the follower.  You have to tune that so it doesn't catch the slide release tab and lock the slide back on the last round, like I have experienced.  But there are other things to tune that I hope to learn for myself.  If the magazines ever come in from the supplier.

Oh, and I can't have them shipped to me.  10 round limit in Maryland.  These can hold 19 or 21.

"Are you regretting getting it at all?  You could have bout a P320, a G19, and an M&P9 with less money."

Not regretting even a little bit.  I really really like it.


ASM826 said...

Can you own the magazines but not buy them? Or is possession of a normal capacity magazine a crime?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

no ownership prohibitions, but you can't buy them in the state, have someone from out of state ship them to you, or just give them to someone that is in the state.

You can drive to a store in West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Deleware, buy them there, then drive home with them and use them all you want. But Maryland is such a huge state that it takes hours and hours and hours to get to a border.....

Ok, hour.