Friday, March 10, 2017

Don't Go Back to Rockville

  I remember seeing this new store opening in nearby Rockville Maryland and might have even blogged about needing to check it out, but... Haven't been to that store.  And now it's been robbed.

Most store I know of around here either have vault doors to the gun room or take the guns out of the display case and put them in a vault.  Multiple layers of security for the shooting irons.  So a quick smash and grab after hours isn't practical.  Slow down the thieves while the alarm systems summons the constabulary.

I have no idea of this new place's set up but it doesn't sound robust.

I haven't visited it because I have another store for any transfer I might need and I really haven't bought anything for years and years.  Well, except a hunting rifle.  And some 1911 frames for the gunsmithing.  And that 9mm.  Practically nothing

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