Friday, March 3, 2017


Tam keeps hitting this point again and again.  "I wish I'd learned this in '95 or '05 instead of '15..." How pinning the trigger, then lining up the sights on target, then resetting the trigger, then going through the trigger press again...  She wished she hadn't trained that habit because now she wants to untrain it, like Ernest Langdon says.

Now, my guy is training me that way. But that's not what I am doing. Because I am a poor student and a not actually doing it with this method. I do pin it. My shots got better, more accurate when I did. But I am the impatient type. I rush things. Anyone that reads this and know how I shoot (besides poorly) knows that I cut corners already. It's a bad habit. But I am resetting long before the the gun is down after recoil and the trigger is prepped.

Is Sam gonna yell at me when he figures out that is what I am doing? Perhaps. Is that what one of his teachers does, Max Michel? I dunno. In my laziness am I by happenstance doing something better? You tell me.

(Finally, sucking at something works out for me in a very narrow instance...)

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