Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Been Failing the Interviews

The neighborhood is flooded with bilingual hucksters of late. 

Our local Electricity Emporium no longer generates the juice, just delivers.  And we, the customer, get to decide which supplier we want to use.  So they are all out greening each other, trying to sell the most environmentally 'sustainable' source that we should totally sign up with.

They are failing their marketing with me.  I'd choose the coaliest supplier.  Cheap and reliable.  Though coal/nuke would be even better.  That isn't the choices.  The choices are GreenCo.  Supa-Green, and Greenier & GreenGreen LLC.  Electricity is fungible, why is this even a thing?

Also getting the "we are in the neighborhood, refinishing driveways for you neighbor would you like us to do your and your roof and replace your windows, too?" pitchmen.  It is the season

The huckster go door to door, ringing bells.  I have a porch door, and it is locked, so they don't get that close, and during the day I will come to the door and tell them to pound sand.  You are coming to me and asking for money?  You wouldn't give ME money if I walked up to you and asked you.

At night I don't answer the door.  I am there, of course, watching unseen.  Don't answer the door at night unless you can see the cop lights on the street outside.

But the day walker hustlers, just selling or maybe scamming... I am not doing the interview well.  These aren't crooks, just salesmen.  But I should still be alert for the one in a hundred crook, looking for a victim.  And I want to deter that one in a hundred.

They are outside the airlock.  That is good.  But I am not watching their hands.  I am engaging them in conversation, however brief.  My guard gets too far down.  Colonel Cooper would say I should be Condition Orange, maybe?  I just want to be a brighter Yellow.  Yet another thing to be mindful of.    

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