Monday, March 20, 2017


I am sorta stuck with this custom gun.  I have few holster options.  It's like an STI 2011, but there are subtle differences.  For instance the slide near the muzzle isn't radiused the same.  That alone keeps me from being able to buy a 2011 holster off the shelf.  I got mine custom made.  $65.  Not bad.  We'll see how they do.  The gun doesn't fall out when you hold the holster upside down and shake it.  Good start.  Rekkr Custom Kydex

I could prolly use a competition holster, off the shelf, because it only 'grabs' on the open muzzle and trigger guard.  Like this.

But that's not practical for day to day.

Tam posted some holster makers.

Raven, Keepers Concealment, Custom Carry Concepts, Dark Star Gear, JMCK, PHLster

None of them carry 2011 holsters that I can find.  Wait JM Custom has one.  But believe all of them will make a custom holster for you and your custome gun.  If they are taking appointments.  The trick of that is you have to go there with your gun.  If you have a Glock and can find a dealer nearby you might get one of their holster right now for your ownself.

"So why did you take the trouble to get all those links preserved, T-Bolt, Mr. Fancy-Pants Custom Gun snob?"

Because I might get a Glock or M&P or summat someday and I want a list of reputable makers.  And is Maryland goes CCW I'd prolly not carry that 2011 much anyway, and many of those makers DO have 1911 version I could avail myself of.  (I already have a nice Milt Sparks 1911 holster though)

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Old NFO said...

Yep, one off guns are always interesting for holsters... sigh