Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Hurt

I went for some live fire training with Sam on the 11th.  My C5-C6 or what-have-you disk in my spine is acting up.  My right arm has tremors, and pain, and feels weaker right now.  Plus the neck pain.  I can almost get the gun up to my sight line without issue.

The first few rounds were ok.  Smooth and in the bullseye, but the fatigue set in very very fast, so we quit rather than train through pain and failure.  32 rounds, 147 gr AE.  1 round FTF because it nosed down, mag #2, bears watching.  Didn't bother saving the target.

I need to go back to the doc again, methinks.  Thursday.  Now I need pie.

I treat it with Aleve, and heating pads, and booze, but that's not good.  The doc, last time, in 2013, gave out fancier NSAIDs and steroids.  And I got an MRI that no one but me has seen the DVD of, so now we have something to compare. 

The good news I got my holsters made and my gun back! The bottom holster the gun is in is IWB, the other is of OWB and can accomadate the light.


Will said...

Look for a physiatrist. (Sports Medicine specialist) Their focus is to get you back in action as quickly as possible, with surgery as a last resort. Lots of focus on physical therapy. Innovative medical fixes. Look for them in areas that have big name sports teams.

NotClauswitz said...

Hope you feel better soon! Neck stuff is scary ju-ju to me.