Saturday, March 18, 2017

Get your money back.

I heard a rumor.

Because the hearing protection act might be coming soon people are putting off getting a suppressor.  Save $200 that way.

This has adversely impacted sales, now, today.

So some companies promise if you buy a can from them after a certain date, already past, they will cut you a check to cover the tax stamp when the law goes into effect.

For the life of me I can't confirm this rumor.  But it sounds like it might be true, don't it?

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Jonathan H said...

They won't need to cover the tax stamp if the HPA becomes law - the last copy I saw included a federal refund of any tax stamps paid after a certain date in 2015. Go and look at it; it is a short and relatively easy to understand law. Unless changed, it will also allow concealed carry on Army Corps of Engineer and Bureau of Reclamation properties.