Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Grocery Coffee

My local store always runs out of the Kona. 

Can anyone recommend a whole bean, medium roast, delicious coffee that can be delivered to my door without raping me on the shipping?

I'd try Black Rifle, but it's $8 to ship a bag of $12 coffee.  It's $12 to ship two bags.

"You buy them supa-spensive pistols, T-Bolt, why go chintzy on this?"

Yeah yeah.  I just wish they'd keep the Kona stocked locally.  I'll prolly fold, eventually.

Now, if you said your coffee recommendation was WORTH the $8, that'd be a whole nother story...


Comrade Misfit said...



Free ground shipping if you order 4lbs or more.

ToddG said...

You are fooling yourself with Kona--should be written "Kona". Mostly marketing nowadays. Try buying 2 bags, one a good Colombian and one Kenyan. Mix together about 50/50 before brewing. Pretty classic secret blend that has a deep, flavorful, and familiar Colombian base and a nice sharp acidic note from the Kenyan. You can adjust to your taste with more/less of either.

Best thing is you can always find Colombian and usually Kenyan on the shelf. Real Kenyan is best but you can substitute Sumatran, Ethiopian, or Jamaican (regular, not the junk that's passed of as "Blue Mountain" nowadays) in a pinch.

Brew. Enjoy. Repeat.

rogue14 said...

I just tried this brand and it's good.


There's discount to be had if you're a veteran. Some sort of verification process involved (You have to upload a copy of your DD214), but worth it.

Can be had whole or ground in various roasts. In the end it seemed as cheap as any other decent brand even with the shipping.

lordjim said...

When you have one you like, try Subscribe and Save through Amazon. Never run out of coffee again... (I use it for TP!)

Bob said...

There's plenty of coffee available on Amazon - - if you're a Prime member, you'll get free 2-day shipping on much of it. Even if you aren't a Prime member, shipping is often cheaper than the $8.95 you mention. For example:


pigpen51 said...

Sometimes, you can get your local grocery store manager to order smaller lots just for you. Then, you don't have to pay the shipping, and you are assured of getting what you want without them running out. Say, you find a brand of coffee named, hotstuff, that you like. Ask the person who orders coffee to get you say, 5 lbs of hotstuff coffee beans, and have it set aside for you. When it comes in they call you, you go pick it up, you have it and don't pay shipping. We have done this several times. Of course it would not work at a big box store, but this is not a tiny store, either. It is a chain, just not the biggest ones. When you know how long it takes to get it, you know how to reorder. It might be an option.

ZerCool said...

We brew The Roasterie (.com) here. Our go to is the Pitalito Estate French Roast/whole bean. Their other blends are fantastic as well. Orders over $40 ship free, we subscribe and get two 2lb bags every other month for about $50.

Anonymous said...

IF you're still located where your Blogger Profile says you're located, there are a couple of businesses in that area generally that do their own roasting.

I drive a little farther than I would like to buy coffee from a local roaster, but the coffee is better, and fresher. The selection is good even if you don't go in for the flavors (hazelnut, etc.).

And it isn't that long a drive to take once a month. Close to my favorite lumber yard (not home center), so I can often swing by on my way to pick up materials for the project of the week.

And if I go a little farther, there is a nice gun-store and indoor range, that I probably wouldn't visit otherwise.

And supporting a local business - even if a coffee shop is likely to be pretty far to the Left - is better than a national chain that is WAY to the Left.

Projectilist said...

Community coffee Praline Pecan flavor $3.99 / 12 oz bag when on sale at Kroger (like now). Good stuff for a daily brew. Plus Kroger told Bloomberg's lackeys to back off when they attempted to pressure the chain.

Projectilist said...

Whoops; sorry. I missed reading 'whole bean'. Let me get back to you.