Friday, March 17, 2017


So New Mexico, some politicians at least, want to deploy Step 1 in a gun confiscation scheme and start a gun registry.  I hope the forces of freedom fend that off.  You don't want to be like Maryland, New Mexico.  Pity.

Saw that in this article.

But what caught my eye was that rancher in the picture with the ranch rifle.

That looks like a Ruger Mini-14.  Decent enough gun.  Ok.  Retails for less than a grand.  And that's recently when the prices went up.  You can get one used for $500.  Less.

But the optics.

It looks like a Trijicon ACOG with a reflex sight on top.  THAT retails for $2000.  Very nice glass.  Phew.  That's almost like putting a Chistian Dior Gown on a pig.  A very nice pig granted.  It's not like he mounted that on the dust cover of a SKS.  And the fellow is obviously near sighted.  I'd want a decent 4x scope too, ifn I was that nearsighted.   I can understand his desire.  If that were me I'd have put a Scout type scope on it.  But that is my preference.  $300 for the scope, and $100 for the hardware.  Ooo, forgot rings. 

And maybe that is a knockoff of the ACOG.  Not the $100 Chinese knockoff, but the slightly better $600 knockoff.  That'd be fine by me.

Not that I am truly criticizing the man's choices.  Do what you want with what you got.  And besides, chances are the guy can shoot circles around me.

I do love shady spot in New Mexico, tho.


Ritchie said...

An outbreak of New York disease.

Ritchie said...

Zombie New York disease.