Monday, March 27, 2017

Range Day 23 March


Took the 617 and 640 out for a spin.  My neck it still bothering me so I figured it's just be a few shots and done.

Well that was embarrassing.

Things I learned.  Pausing the DA trigger squeeze is doable.  A viable for me method. When I got it down right I get groups like this at 25 feet.

Practice at the range and DRY FIRE will improve this.  Note the hole at 4 o'clock?  That was supposed to go in the target below.  It was +P.

Which makes me think...  Prowler busting in at 3AM, with +P ammo already in the gun... anticipatory missed because of recoil and no hearing protection...  Not good.

There is a spare .22 in there, too.  Dunno where/when that came into play.  Grrr.  Amateur.

Ugh, revolver through me for a loop, all that training on the 1911 platform and Glock simulations.

Here is some more .22 after I was warmed up with the DA.

Firing a little high.  Even for me.  The 617 has adjustable sights.  I may adjust.

And some more snubbie work.

Snub sights suck.  I don't need to tell you that.  I am sure the lower right two are anticipatory.  Old bad habits.  Still in the paint at least.  A serviceable group, but I am not satisfied with it.

All my revolvers are timed fine, now that the 686 is fixed.  And all have a similar smoothness to the trigger pull.  (The 617 might be a little lighter.) So no radical difference between guns.  Which is mostly due to consistencies at S&W, I'll wager. 

Future live fire plans...  Bring the 686 in lieu of the 617 next time, to really get to work on this trigger pull.  Also, get a better neck so you don't flag as easily and get more rounds down range.  I think I can tighten that up with just a bit more practice.  If I consistently get snubbie shots in that circle at 25 feet?  Boy, howdy. 

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