Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Qui Bono?

Everytown wonders...


The Suppressor Manufacturers, that's who.  That's who benefits from loosened restrictions of 'gun silencers'

I dunno, gun-banners...

It's something I want.  A little bit.  I mean, I could have jumped through the hoops and gotten one or more suppressor by now if it was really a personal priority.  It's just a hassle, not hard.  With less hassle there is a greater chance I will go ahead and get one.  So I benefit in that a desire (if a mild one) is fulfilled.

I also benefit in that I don't have to pay the expensive tax stamp.

The manufacturers will benefit for a little while as the initial rush ramps up sales, then the competition will heat up and the prices will come down, so after a while, they benefit less and we consumers benefit more as quality either goes up or the wallet load decreases.

You know who WILL benefit?  Barrel makers.  Lots of pistols will need a spare barrel retrofit to be able to fire suppressed out of your favorite 1911 or G21.

And holster makers!  I'll need some sort of weird rig to carry this thing around.

You might think the Federal Treasury won't benefit, because they will no longer get $200 from the ATF tax stamp, but if suppressor sales go up like man, the revenue gained from a plethora of 10% Pittman-Robertson excise tax revenue may overtake what is lost from the tax stamp NFA stuffs.

The question shouldn't be "who is the only one that benefits from this law we hate" the question is who DOESN'T benefit! Everyone is a winner. Not you. So I guess you. You don't win, Everytown. Good.

Gonna gave to call you on that statement of "Only the companies that sell them," Everytown. That is Fake News. Fact Check says 3 Pants on Fire.

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BC said...

Ranges and the people that live near them will benefit. Quieter gunfire bothers the neighbors less. Indoor ranges will benefit a LOT, less concussion for the other shooters and the employees.

Hunters will benefit, so will people that live near where hunters hunt. Quieter gunfire is quieter, and hearing damage is reduced.

Animals will too. Less loud noise to spook them and make them run away scared. Be this the dog that doesn't like thunder/fireworks/gunfire, Bambi in the woods who gets shot at and missed, or Bambi's buddy who wasn't the target to start with; this is an across the board benefit too.