Tuesday, March 7, 2017


The problem with vigilantism is that once the can of worms is opened it's hard to get that toothpaste back in the box.  Even if the goal is to restore Rule of Law by going against the Rule of Law.  Power corrupts, see?

Such an interesting article about the Bald Knobbers, but they touch on other flavors.  Not all Hooded Vigilantes were the execrable Klan, clearly. 

It made me think...  There aren't many instances of 'good' vigilantism that didn't descend into corruption and became the evil thing they were originally opposing.  Those kinds get a lot less press, for one. 

  • Battle of Athens
  • The killing of a Town Bully
  • Maybe even the Guardian Angels?  Not really vigilantes, them.  
  • The called Bernie Goetz the Subway Vigilante, but that was more narrative building or media laziness.  I think the details more likely point to self-defense with a gun the law said he wasn't allowed to have.  We've had THIS conversation before

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