Thursday, March 23, 2017

Still Low on Brains

Definitely gonna hit the range.  This time, revolvers, tho.  I got something I want to try with the DA trigger.  Two staging it.  If I can.  Line up on target, draw quite a bit out of the trigger pull.  Tiny Pause, finish the draw for the break. 

See if I can apply something Sam showed me.  I'll prolly mess it up, but let's see.

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Will said...

If the action is smooth, you may not be able to do that second pause, as they tend to want to continue moving.

What you may want to check with a bit of slow dryfire, is whether it drops the hammer before it locks the cylinder. I've encountered this on some revolvers fired double action. It's not a tremendous offset, but it would tend to spit lead. Sure won't do much for accuracy! Beats up the gun, I suspect. Design factors, and wear, are the causes. Most of them were never intended to be shot in that manner, of course.