Thursday, March 12, 2020

All the Preps

Like most of you reading this, I am a bit of a casual prepper.

I don't have a homestead in Idaho off the grid and self sufficient and ready for WWIII and then some.  That's not casual.

Nor do I have an oil rig off the coast to di-di to when the Zombacalypse happens.

But I am partway there.

If there was a Peking-Pox quarantine lockdown?  I could hole up for a goodly time, right now.  Like, boom, don't leave my house for a month?  Ok.  No grocery runs, just like now.

It wouldn't be fun.  No sir.  Especially if the utilities fail.  On lock down I'd fill every available container plus the bath tub with water.  Work as normal as long as the water flows out the tap.  Electricity would be bad, but doable.  I won't freeze without the furnace.  If the gas stopped, I can cook a bit on scrap wood.  Without electricity or internet service, that'd suck for information and entertainment.  Especially information.

But a lockdown would prolly keep the utilities up.  At least the first month.  And this COVID19 doesn't seem severe enough to kill the utilities.

So why lockdown?  It'd be a serious response, but it would truly slow the spread making it possible for hospitals to keep up with the cases on hand.  I don't believe we will get to that, or officials will make this happen.  But if it did, and there was cooperation and compliance?  It might work.

But there is no training and infrastructure to make it work.

"You work for the power company, this doesn't apply to you, do to work.  You cops, too, go to work, and somehow stop the non-essential folks and get them to do home and lockdown without catching anything from them.  And you non-existent as of yet new aid workers go to houses dropping off food and medicine for folks that aren't prepped as well as T-Bolt, meaning most of them."

I mean, it is easier to order stores and restaurants to close under penalty of law, that'll keep that incentive to go out.  Well, out to them.  You'll see folks eventually think about wandering around in groups and taking from others weaker...  UGH!  Bad bad!

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