Sunday, March 22, 2020


If I was me, now, and it was 1910.

I remember 40 years ago, now.  1980.  First year I stayed up late enough to see midnight.  I was 11.  Carter was a peanut farming fool.  Inflation made my can of soda pop go from .25 to .45.

If it is was 1910, 40 years ago is 1870.  If I was German or I was French an event would be baked in my blood.  The Franco Prussian War.  It would be a part of 1910 me as much as Breznhev and Reagan is a part of 2020 me.  I still hate commies. I drove cars older than 1980.

I'd still be steamed about the Franco Prussian War, then if it was 1910.  So I can sort of understand how WWI started.

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