Friday, March 20, 2020

Too far

Yeah, they've gone too far with all the closures.  The graph is flattened already, now it is too much.

Worse?  No end date.  It'd be bad, but better, if they said "closed til March 31st.  The re-open with these precautions."

This cure is gonna end up being worse than the worst projections of the disease.


Also, went grocery shopping.  The stores are lifting mightily to keep normal, but the corner hasn't turned.  No TP.  But did find some Tylenol.  No canned good like soup or stew or tastier meats, but more fresh meats.  That will be a big barometer of a return to normalcy.  The store is back to January levels.


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The Neon Madman said...

The economy is already badly damaged. By the time summer hits, it will be destroyed. It will take 20 years to come back from this.

And three months ago everything seemed so good .......