Tuesday, March 10, 2020

People Remember Roof Koreans

First of all, another race story.

Asian-Americans Terrified of Coronavirus Backlash Stock Up on Guns

Presumably an American sub-population that didn't have lots of guns already.  You'd never see a headline of "Hillbilly Rural White Americans Terrified of Coronavirus Backlash Stock Up on Guns". They already have guns. Maybe "Hillbilly Rural White Americans Terrified of Coronavirus Backlash Stock Up on MORE Guns". But then where do I find the money for sh!t-tickets? I'm not using corncobs like during that last terlet paper panic. No sir.

I joked with a co-worker that now is a good time to get a newspaper subscription.  Not for the news.  For the extra paper.  Then I saw in the news that some Australian paper is including extra blank sheets in their paper for just this reason.  Remember, when the stack of papers is taller than you, you are hoarding.

Anyway, back to the pepping Asians.  Why NOW the run on firearms?  I mean, welcome to the party and all...

"They worry about a riot or maybe that people will start to target the Chinese."

Ahh. Like 1992 Roof-Koreans.  Understandable.

If I get Come On Eileen, Covid-19 flu, I'm not really gonna blame Asians.  Except maybe the CHICOM gummint for poor procedures.  But I can't riot and target the Chinese gummint from here.  So, I won't be confusing my Vietnamese lawn mowing guy for a Chinese rogue virology department.

But I'm not everybody.  I don't think ornery Americans tend to scapegoat like this as bad as other countries, but sure, it does happen here, certainly.  Better safe than sorry, I totally get that.  Deter them Orneries, too.

Note, the link story is in southeast California.  Oh dear.  California regulations are onerous when you need a gun today, aren't they?  More voters discovering this for the first time.

I guess if it gets bad in Maryland I might see this here.  Good good, I have a pistol on consignment at my local gunstore.

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