Monday, March 9, 2020

Playing 3D Chess?

Well, no, not always.  A lot of times the opposition to Trump just plays itself.

Democrats Block Measure To Prevent Terrorists From Working At TSA

At the bottom of it, I am sure in some folks minds, is "Hey, we're blocking this, and if God forbid there is a terrist attack, well, Trump is in charge of TSA, he is closer to it than we are, the buck stops with him, HE will get blamed, Victory for Biden and Schumer"

Cruise Ship Passengers, Some Infected, Flown Back to U.S.

At the bottom of that, I am sure in some folks minds it is, "Hey, Trump wouldn't have let that happen, but if God forbid that is blamed for COVID19 spreading in the , well, Trump is in charge of CDC, he is closer to it than we are, the buck stops with him, HE will get blamed.   Victory for Biden and Schumer."

Except Trump didn't invent the #Resistance.  They invented themselves, and we quite vocal about it.  For years folks have been saying there is too much on .gov's plate and they have exceeded the Peter Principle.  And Trump runs and governs on streamlining regulations.

If you argue that Trump's executive branch is incompetent he just points to that and is immune.  The resistance sabotage and/or incompetence isn't in Trump, it's on them.  He CAN'T have a Katrina moment.  It's impossible.  It's not 3D chess, it's a gift from the other side.  They've sacrificed their queen for a pawn.  To mix the metaphor, they painted them ownselves into that corner.

Oh, if something goes really well, he can take credit for that, tho.  Brilliant.

Trump makes his enemies look ridiculous, but his enemies do a good job making themselves look ridiculous.

Now if he'd just throw us gunnies a significant policy victory bone.  Maybe the GOP gets the house, too, and by this time next year.  Who knows.

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