Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Bernie Can't Win

He's like Romney.  But more indignant and Marxist.  Bernie has no fight to him.  Stalin laughs at Bern from deep inside hell.

Don't believe me?  Watch the next debate.  It's just Bern and Biden.  Bernie is way behind in the polls.  And Joe's cheese is slipping off his cracker...

Bernie really wants to be president, and not roll over again, he has to go for the jugular.  He has to provoke a bad scene where Biden looks like a drooling idiot, no longer up for the job.  He has to pressure him to the worst flubbing yet of Biden's 2020 campaign.  That way Bernie looks like the only Democrat choice.

What do you think Trump will do to Biden in the debates?  The same thing.

If Bernie does a grow a pair at the next debate, and it has to be then or never, he is running out of time.  He is not without other challenges he has to fight for.  The DNC doing convention shennanigans to push Bernie out and put a Dark Horse candidate in instead.  Like Oprah, or Hillary, or Michelle.  Bernie has to get through that.  Then he has to get through Trump.

Biden then DNC then Trump.  It gets progressively harder.  And I don't think the fire is there in his belly to even knock Biden.

(Heck, there not even BE a final debate, now.  Too late.)

Mitt, Hillary, Warren, Bernie... they all had policy ideas on how they would run things and told people about those policies and thought they'd get votes on quality of the stuff that would happen when they won.  Policy is not politics.  You gotta win first.  Obama knew that.  W knew that.  Clinton damn well knew that.  Reagan knew that.  Nixon had to learn.  Oh, you know LBJ knew it.  And JFK.

Goldberg, Ford, Poppy, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry....  Didn't have the killer instinct.     


McChuck said...

"I know he can do the job, but can he get the job?"

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