Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Panic Buying

Doing this gun stuff since 2007, I've been through some panic buys, so gunnie-sense was tingling about this pandemic back in January.

I didn't beat the mask panic.  But I had some from back five years ago when there was another disease coming up and SayUncle gave me the inspiration.

I beat the hand sanitize panic by a couple day. Just one bottle.  I'm not doing a black market of the stuff.  Well, one regular size and 6 travel size.

I got the Terlet paper stocks topped off a few days ahead of bingo shelves of the stuff.  That means 2 dozen rolls in the house.  Plus I have a lotta paperbacks I can part with, if I have to.

I had the canned goods already.  Backpacking freeze dried food and MRE's too.  Not a warehouse of the stuff, but I can eat regular long after the fridge and freezer empties.  Hope stuff re-opens before mid July. 

Ammo?  Guns?  Please.

I bought an extra bottle or two of whiskey.  I might regret not getting a couple cases of wine.  But that's a luxury.

I drink a lotta soda, and that will run out first, but that's another luxury I can live without.

My big worry is I will be at work when the locusts come to my street and burglarize my house.  I hope to be ahead of that game and bunkered in by then, if hints start popping up.  It's nowhere near armed neighborhood watches keeping an eye out for bored looting teenagers.  Nor is it time yet to risk Maryland's wrath by carrying.  I hope civil breakdown is just a fantasy, and never happens with this. 

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