Saturday, March 14, 2020


G7 Instant Coffee.

From Nam!

You can tell because it is called Trung Nguyen.

I tried some of the sugar-and-cream version last summer.  It's good, but I am a black coffee man.  Well, now I have tried the black version of G7 and can also give it a thumbs up. 

Now I wasn't in the Army, so I can't speak the C-Ration or MRE instant coffees.  But this guy is a connoisseurs of the type of .mil instant coffee through the decades and G7 comes out looking like the coffee powders he prefers.

It is a powder.  It dissolves almost instantly.  I was always turned off by the Folgers Crystals or chunky Taster's Choice.  I didn't think instant could BE good.  But G7 puts paid to that. Those standard American jars of instant are, to me, just awful. 

If you can't make real coffee, try having these.  You just need hot water. 

It's a little weak in a big cup.  Next time I'd do two packets.  It might also be good to add to a cup of regular Java to make it high octane.

Try it with Pie! It is Pi Day, after all.

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