Saturday, March 21, 2020

Collapse is worse than that the WORST WuFlu death predictions

Before it is too late

  1. go back to work if you aren't sick
  2. keep isolating grandma that smoked for 40 years, and your cousin on chemo.
  3. keep washing your hands good and hard
  4. keep social distancing for a while in public, no handshakes, don't pack a movie theater, few tables in restaurants, fewer in person work meetings, half size classrooms, SAT tests.  But don't let it stop you.  
  5. stay home when you get sick 
  6. BUT GET BACK TO WORK or school

Preppers that stowed away 2 years worth of stuff?  If there is an economic Collapse they are gonna run out.  By then you will just call them Farmers.  If you haven't starved to death by then, that is.

"How cruel T-Bolt!  2.2 million Americans might die from Covid-19."

Better than 20 million, 200 million, from famine.  

"So what if a few casinos, and airline or two, Parker Brothers, the Olive Garden chain, and one of the big three automakers goes down, that's not the whole economy." 

No, but bet your boots a disruption that big in an economy as interconnected as ours will have wide ranging ripple effects that will sorely test society's robustness. 

"But we need to flatten the disease curve."

Yes.  We have, and we will continue to, but we gotta ratchet down a notch or two.  It's too restrictive. We are only this high because politician are erring on the side of caution to avoid blame so they can keep their phoney baloney jobs. 

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