Monday, March 2, 2020

Look at this monster

Look at it.

Severe tumblehome build for stability.  That means fat at the waterline, thinner at the gunwhale.  I like the lines, personally, but not so stable if you have some flooding damage.  12 inch main guns, but the think is bristling with varieties of arms.  Five+ sizes?  All before the HMS Dreadnaught changed the paradigm.

I love them.  But I'd hate to fight them.  Against other ships, much less Martian tripods.

Not my favorite book.  Too much anachronistic bits just took me out of the story.  But it's about HMS Thunder Child, mentioned in one page of War of the Worlds, and expands upon it's story.  I will admit the book gets a bit better in the middle.  Starts weaker, ends stronger.

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