Friday, March 20, 2020

I work in a company town

One usually insulated from economic downturns in the rest of the country.

Not this time.

This town has a lot of workers working for The Company that aren't really essential and can stay home during quarantine.  The governor on the Maryland side of the river has been very aggressive shutting other venues down, like bars and restaurants. 

Even a lot of essential workers are going to half on half off.  Half the essential people in this division work this week, then take a week off.  The other half are off this week, work next week.  Defense type jobs. 

No, no pay when you are off. 

Traffic at rush hour has been GLORIOUS. 

Plus, we are a tourist town, too.  Cherry blossom season is NOW.  No economic activity there.

DC finally will feel what Pittsburgh felt in the 70s. 

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