Saturday, March 21, 2020

Census Mailed to me

The forms arrived on Pi Day.  A week after I asked y'all ifn you got yours.  I guess I am doing that this weekend. 

Not gonna lick the envelope to seal it though.  Just in case. 

I might answer Native American.  Because I was born here, and my parents were born here, and the grandparents were born here.  We're pretty native to this country.  And I am sick to death with all this granularity, like a Code Noir or some similar racial caste system that is only designed to oppress one group or another, whichever is favored at a given time.  It didn't do well for the US with Jim Crow, and it still hurts Saint-Domingue, after 230 years. 

Anyway, busybody census questions may get sabotaged.

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