Thursday, March 5, 2020

Gov. Larry Hogan...

Is getting some bipartisan movement with his crime bill.  Gun laws that aren't execrable, target actual criminals, and are bipartisan.

PRESS RELEASE March 4th, 2020
Hough Shepard's Bipartisan Effort to Pass Gov. Hogan's Anti-Crime Agenda

(Annapolis, MD) People say they want politicians of different parties to work together to solve problems and today we did just that in Maryland. I was proud to work together with Republican Governor Larry Hogan, Democratic Senate President Bill Ferguson, and Democratic Committee Chairman Will Smith to pass critical public safety legislation.

Tonight, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee passed by a 10-1 bipartisan super-majority Senator Hough's legislation, Senate Bill 35, which closes a loophole that let drug dealers who use guns get lesser sentences.

Amended on to that bill are major portions of Governor Hogan's Violent Firearms Offender Act of 2020, which does the following:

-Making theft of a firearm a felony -Enhanced penalties for giving someone a gun to commit a crime -Giving prosecutors more tools to crack down on firearm offenders -Enhanced penalties for criminals who are caught repeatedly carrying guns
In addition, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in a bipartisan vote also passed legislation by Sen. Will Smith (D-Montgomery County) and Sen. Antonio Hayes (D-Baltimore City), which requires regional policing plans and more law enforcement resources for Baltimore City.-

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McChuck said...

Mike Hough is a genuinely decent guy, and more importantly, is on our side.