Friday, March 13, 2020

New Favorite Knife


It just has a great form factor.  I like a pocket knife to be unobtrusive, and this is.  Yet it is still hand sized with a 'full size' blade of 3 inches.  (Normally, my 'office' knife is half that...)  A simple single blade, too, helps keep it compact.  Really good for the less permissive environment like the office.  It looks like a pen, and it sit in my pocket with my Lamy Al-Star.

It looks like another pen.  If a co-worker asks what it's for it's to open envelopes. 

I have been a fan of French Opinels since my boy scout days, and this one scratched a similar itch.  Simple and lightweight, yet not as bulky.  And the CRKT has one handed opening.

Price varies from $32 to $57, depending on the online site you go to.  I am very pleased with my purchase. 

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