Monday, August 16, 2021


Before I knew anything about guns, I knew about AKs and M-16s.  And I 'knew' they were crap.  Both of them.  'Knew' from my place of ignorance.  I was gonna go into the Air Force or the Navy, and would never need a rifle. Right?

The M-16s jammed and they'll find you in your fighting hole with 3 buddies, all with cleaning rods down the barrels and full of Commie bayonet wounds.  And had tiny high velocity bullets when it did work and what good is that?

The AK-47 made a distinctive sound and was reliable, but about as accurate as a smoothbore musket.  And what good is that?  At least it was .30 cal.  I think.  Pretty sure, yeah.  I'll ask a buddy in the HS cafeteria.

There might have been older antique rifle we used to have before the M-16, but those were probably worse.  

I knew these things.

Then Wolverines, the movie came out!  Wait.  Red Dawn.  That's the ticket, yeah.  Buncha Rambo movies. Exposure to all them AKs in cool settings should have increased my interest, right?  Make me kinda like them, maybe want to get one?

No.  It never moved the needle.  Didn't spark an interest.  I knew the 1911 was old and the Beretta was furren.  In college the new M16A2s had better looking fore stocks, but otherwise, meh, for that type, too.

The only thing that semi interested me in the 20th century, persistently, was .357 revolvers. And I liked the look of stainless steel.  And before Y2K I got me one of them.  

I still have no case of the wants for any AK pattern.  Dunno why.  Just never took off for me. 



Marty said...

I feel the same about AKs. Plus it's not easy to add optics. Not all that useful on an AK anyway. Sure you could drop a large amount of cash and tune one up to spec. not worth it.

Sabre22 said...

If you like the 7.62 X 39 Caliber Look at AR uppers r whole rifles, If you really want to look Look at a SIG 556R (Russian) I bought a SIG 556R for the same reasons. I think it is a good idea to be able to shoot 7.62 X 39 due to the Ammo shortage. Now with Biden's Ban on Russian imports this might be a Moot point