Tuesday, August 10, 2021


When shopping for various items I have noticed Tam pipe up with a recommendation right when I needed.

You know how you search on the Googles for a single Viking Cruise detail and you get a BAJILLION ads for cruises?  Or even say "I need a new HDTV" out loud near a Siri enabled device and Shazam, Youtube adverrtises Samsung stuff out the wazzoo.  They hadn't done that for years it seemed, but you suspect the mic on your device.  Or you even think really hard about a used F150 and now you get emails from Ford.  How did you find me?

Tam is like that.  But without the privacy violations.  

For example...  I needed a soft sided carry on luggage solution.  Tam posts about Maxpedition Fliegerduffels.  This was in the way back, maybe even before this 2010 post.  And it is.  A good bag.  I have gotten tremendous use out of it.  Three times on airplanes, and lots of times just as an overnight or weekend AWOL bag.  

I thought of this because I have been enjoying Fever Tree Tonic with my Gins.  I happened to be thinking "I could use a gin and tonic..." and that day she broaches the subject of Fever Tree.  (It was a post previous to this one somehow.) Now, I had seen it on the shelf before she focused my attention, but it was her mention that got it from the shelf to my cart and I never thanked her for it.  Thanks.  Good stuff, that.  

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Tam said...

I’m still using that Fliegerduffel. It’s been airline checked baggage four or five trips a year, plus road trips, for near a dozen years now. Solid gear.