Friday, August 13, 2021

FB Love/Hate

I whinge over lots of FB features.  Ads with cheap Chinese crud boil my bottom, but sometimes I cannot resist.  I bought the Hawaiian shirt that is a copy of the one worn by H. I.  McDonough in Raising Arizona.  3X doesn't fit. It might fit person sized large.  So much hate.  I hope that is a lesson that sticks.  And I refrain from clicking on the stupid links. 

But then they serve up ads for products like this.

I love the concept of a butt pack.  It's probably my age and exposure to older school web gear on my Army and Marine buddies back in the day.  12 years ago I'd be shovelling money at this company to get one of these to try out.  

And it looks like it might NOT be dreck.  Would make a good BOB system, no?

But, my trekking days are on hold while I deal with this Cancer.   The though of carrying this now makes my lumbar area ache just thinking about it.

Hmmm, $55.  Not much product detail.  Minimal website.  It might be Chinese dreck.  So I shouldn't expect any higher quality than a Walmart bookbag for Junior High.

(Don't wear the pack in the front, aw, man...  How you gonna low-crawl like that?)


Ygolonac said...

What you have to watch for in shirts, anyway, is the country of origin - they may be sized for Westerners, or they may be sized for the region that made 'em. I've got one nice shirt, labelled as 5XL, but it's *Asian* 5XL and doesn't even seem to make Western 2XL. :( Check fit personally, if you can, and check reviews if not.

As for the shirt you want... hmmm. Quick look shows a lot of "sort of" clones, but nothing matching the actual pattern, which suggests that it's an authentic period item, and good luck finding one ever, much less in your size. (Most look to be the same "dot pattern" background, with "photos" of orchids as the main decoration, and sold by a lot of vendors; probably one producer of them all.)

And you thought going "clone correct" or maximum authenticity in gun stuff was a pain in the ass. :V Helluva lot more old blue S&W boxes than a shirt that was (possibly) made by one shop in Honolulu from '58-'61.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

They are in no hurry to post the Country of Origin