Monday, August 9, 2021

Health Update

Ok, got a biopsy, slides sent to Georgetown Pathologist.  Saw Georgetown Oncologist for 2nd opinion.  There's a confab of them and my regular Oncologist up here.  CT Scan on Thursday, then I meet with my guy on Monday.  Week from today.

I doubt I get definitive answers because I've been bashing my head against this for exactly a year and no answers have been forth coming in that time.  

Maybe what I got is so bespoke it is Unique!  If I was famous, they'd name it after me.  Thunderboltoma!  But I am not famous, like Lou Gehrig, so it will get the doc's moniker. 

I hope it isn't unique.  I hope they have something to relieve the symptoms I have been whinging about for a year.  

More details next Tuesday!  Same Bolt Time!  Same Bolt Blog!

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McChuck said...

I sort of enjoy telling people that's I'm so screwed up, what's wrong with me doesn't even have a name.

But then they start recommending useless doctors and fake medicines (or, worse yet, real medicines that have horrendous side effects).