Sunday, August 8, 2021

New Facebook Icon

Here's a new Facebook Icon.  Or, new to me, at least.  For all I know it's been on your FB page for forever.  But, last week there were three icons on the top row there, now there are four.

The new one is 'News'

News chosen by Facebook and served up to me personally by their AI.

Look, I don't wanna upset you Facebook, but, the trust level established between us is at a bit of nadir.  I will be avoiding clicking on that like I avoid hanging out with a biolab worker that I am reliably told worked recently in Wuhan China.  Avoiding it like excess ricin in my Stevia.  Avoiding it like tours of the Capitol being conducted by USCP, "No, it's perfectly alright, come on in."  Out of an abundance of caution, you understand!  

I will be checking on those Lovecraft memes, tho. 


I GOTS to know, Ima click it.  Just one time.  It can't hurt me, right?


Never get out of the boat.  Never get out of the boat.

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