Friday, August 6, 2021

Chinese Propaganda

Yeah, I saw this.  Before it was reported as sourced from China.  Looked cross-eyed at it then, binned it now.  

"Oh noes!  90% of Michigan deer got the Rona!"

Of course it isn't season yet, so these are NOT tested from any blood samples taken. 

And deer hate nasal swabs. So state workers have to sneak up really quietly and swab the other end with surplus Chinese Anal-Ease swabs. They are Ambassador Strength (TM), so Extra Stout.  

You swab a 2000 random deer, you got enough sample size for the entire Mitten State.  Plus Yoopers are willing to do just about anything for minimum wage plus 20% if there is a 12 pack in it for 'em at the end of work, Friday.   Extrapolate from that 2000, you get a +/- 3% reliability and you get... Whoa 90% positive.  Tsk tsk.  Shoulda masked up, Bambi.  

I guess you damn hillbillies can save ammo money and get your self a dart gun this fall.  Do the Dept of Natural Resources a solid by THHHHHHHHHHHHHHwhpppPPPP! -ing your whitetails with J&J vax.  They'll all be there next season, bigger and healthier, and you help your community AND the Circle of Life.

Plus, free dart gun to put in the gun safe.  Awesome.  If them CHICOM ever invade they'll get the whole 'behind every blade of grass' thing, but first their soldier get softened up by high doses psylocybin and THC from all the dart guns.  Because that would just crack us up. 

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