Sunday, August 8, 2021



Germany seemed to do better back when there were two of them.  

Russia, too, in high pressure Soviet days, but there were more nations inside the USSR.  I could add them all up...  5 more from Uzbeckistan, 8 from Georgia, 19 for Ukraine, 7 from Belarus, 2 for Estonia, 2 for Latvia, 7 for Azerbaijan, 3 for Kyrgyztstan, 4 for Mongolia, 1 for Lithuania, 8 for Kazakhstan, 1 for Turkmenistan... It adds up.  A Soviet Union today would have 138 total medals.  Phew

But I like looking at the plucky nations further down the charts.

Good on ya PR and Bermuda.

And tiny little Grenada


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I may be wrong on Mongolia. I didn't look it up, and am relying on 30 year old memories... lessee. Nope I was wrong. But add Moldavia!

McChuck said...

More proof that Puerto Rico doesn't even consider itself to be part of the USA.