Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Yeah, from your lips

 Ex NRA head Wayne LaPierre?

That'd be nice.  Ex.  He may have done more damage to the 2A cause than even Michael Bloomberg.

That'd be interesting.  A list of the top folks that have hurt our Right to Bear Arms, even if inadvertently. 

  • Wayne
  • Bloomberg
  • George Soros
  • Tom Steyer
But history didn't start yesterday...
  • Mark Chapman, and before him...
  • LBJ
  • Sirhan Sirhan !
  • Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Sen. T. J. Dodd (D CT)
  • James Earl Ray
  • Senator J D Tydings (D MD)
  • Ronald Reagan, Governor, (R CA) [shame and a pity]
I have no idea who the money men were 50 years ago.  LBJ was the lamest of lame ducks when he pushed for this, but he was a mover of legislation.  

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Angus McThag said...

William J Hughes, D-NJ. - For ruining the FOPA, and we can blame Wayne for not going back to repeal this amendment to the bill.

George H.W. Bush - For executive orders and later signing 922R which codified those orders.