Thursday, August 5, 2021

I dunno about you, GOP...

But I think it might be a good idea to get SUPER exercised about Biden knowingly, deliberately, premeditatedly, defying SCOTUS and imposing an unconstitutional eviction moratorium.

Yelling about would be ok.

You can win big elections that way, you know.  Doncha want that?

If you don't, well, I guess it just means that rules don't apply to Dems or GOP types 'running' the show.  If rules don't apply to you, then they don't apply to us.  Two sets of rules, when you are this obvious about it, tend to cause some societal friction.  Much more friction that has been demonstrated so far. And I'm too sick and tired for that.  

More things you can hammer and win elections.

"Hey, that open border is what is causing all these Covid increases!"  It has a good chance of being true.  Certainly contributory.  Doesn't matter, just yell your head off about it.

A super majority already blame Biden and the Dems for inflationary pressure.  Yell your head off about that, too.

Do those three things and you might even distract your GOP voting constituency from your other core incompetencies.  

Cocaine Mitch doesn't get this kind of exercised, but you'd figure at LEAST Cruz and Paul would.  Plus the more junior bomb throwers.  

DeSantis did do some border yellin' yesterday, granted.  Good.  

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