Wednesday, August 4, 2021

"How to get kilt!"

Well I dun wanna be dead, so tell me how to avoid it!

Looks like hot jungle backlot action, too.

The lesson "Listen to chatty Tojo soldiers for helpful tips and tricks."  

  • Carelessness bad
  • Skylighting bad
  • Breaking concealment for more concealment is suboptimal
  • Predictability bad

Well, poop.  That'd only be helpful if we went to war with Japan again.  I don't think we can step into that same river twice.  


B said...

Your youtube feed algorithm must look a lot like mine....

Windy Wilson said...

Still distressingly easy. More than seventy five intervening years has not changed that at all.

Rick said...

Breaking concealment is how I get octopus and halibut when I'm spearfishing. Every time. Octopus especially have very effective camouflage, so effective you may be looking straight at them from close distance and still not see them. Then they break for a 'better' location.

Anyhow, you can use these points to your advantage. I don't mean in direct combat with the enemy but rather in concealing yourself by mimicking the actions of the enemy, i.e., 'to blend'. That tactic is tried and true since forever.