Monday, August 2, 2021

Masked Man

So Big Defense Contractor I work at, like all Big Defense Contractors are masking up today, Monday, because a rainy, crowded, Bear Week in Provincetown caused a super-spreader event and inadvertently proved that vaccinated people are super-protected from death.  Huh.  Thank you gay men and crappily assembled CDC statistics that you almost certainly skewed to show one thing and instead shined the light of truth on another!    

I think mask compliance at work will be a little loose this time around.  Hell maybe zero by Wednesday among people that weren't already wearing, still.  

I won't know because I am going down to the bowels of DC (Georgetown) for a doctor appointment that morning.  Where I am three times more likely to die of a gunshot than from WuFlu.  Well, more than that because, again, I got the nanites. And people dying in that blighted metropolis are almost certainly not all previously vaxxed.

I am back to wanting to get it and survive it, again, personally.  And think my chances are pretty good, even being cancer-compromised.  I haven't felt like this since June 2020.  All of this is because of how awful our 'leadership' has been, lately.  I didn't trust authority before all this madness, you can imagine how confidence has taken a further nosedive

Next China plague better have body bags in the streets or I am simply not going to be entertained.   

Maybe lots of folks are now at the, "Whatever, come what may. As you wish, I care not," phase. 


riverrider said...

i'm at the hell no bgfytw stage. my job is likely going back to masks, already pushing the vax but not asking if we got it. this will push them over the edge again and i won't comply this time, barely did last time. no vax, no mask, no job? oh well, see ya. please write that down for me so i won't have to explain it to my lawyer.

Tam said...

Dr. Burnett is a veterinarian... and a physical therapist. If you look in the background of that picture, you will see Therabands, dumbbells, and other human physical therapy tools.

She is not in an "empty clinic for dogs". A glance at her LinkedIn profile and two seconds of googling show that she's in the physical therapy department at the West Campus of Cheyenne Medical Center.

It took me TWO SECONDS to find out that Christina Pushaw was full of shit, you gullible goobers.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

That's what you fixate on? "She's not a fake because she's a vet, she's a fake because she's a PT."

I went to a physical therapist this time last year. She wasn't able to help move me in positive direction with my cancer. Nor with Covid. But she also did not ape the propaganda.

Tam said...

I can’t wait until CNN comes out and says that oxygen is healthy so I can laugh when you put your head in a plastic bag to own the libs. That’s gonna be big lulz.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Well, just like I don't need CNN to tell me about oxygen one way or another, I don't need CNN to tell me this Wyoming/Colorado lady is a con-artist.