Thursday, August 26, 2021


I'm not a car person.  As a kid I thought I would be, but it didn't turn out that way.  It rankles thinking about how much a new car loses in value when I drive it off the lot.  Especially when there are THOUSANDS of new cars with birthdays that will never be sold.  Not to you, not for love or money.  Would you buy a 2019 model F150 with 55 miles on the odometer?  Well there are plenty out there, but you can't.  Ford will scrap that before selling it to you at a lower price point.  It's business.  

So I buy a vehicle for transportation.  It has to fit in my driveway, and has to haul what I need hauled, and it'd be nice if it worked in the weather.  And used.  Pre-owned.  So a bit cheaper. 

So with that attitude I don't run my car through a car wash.  There is plenty of sand under my floor mats.  If I wont pop for that, I certainly won't pop for detailing.

But I am rethinking that.  In an 'you only live once and what else you gonna spend your money on?' sort way.  If I am thinking that it is getting time to get a new used car, and have a plan for a year from today, today, I am getting the car detailed.  So my last year with it it feels clean.  If the car is still re-sellable, CarMax or whoever will detail it again, but I don't care because I turned it over.  

Maybe I'll go to the barber, too, and get a straight-razor shave if that bastard can avoid cutting my joogyooler vein.

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Mike V said...

I had a straight razor shave a couple of years ago. It didn’t shave as close as I expected. Still, it was a nice experience.