Friday, June 25, 2010

.22 Do pt Two

I was reading Carteach's review of a Glock-type .22 trainer and remembered something...

I only had one malf with the Ciener, a failure to eject, or stove-pipe, that whole range session I disussed a coupla posts down.

"Well, T-Bolt, that's probably because you used premium ammo."

Is American Eagle bulk .22 considered premium?

"You probably lubed it up just right, then."

I dunno. It had some solvent on the internals from the last cleaning I did months ago. Maybe too much. I used no grease this time, but have in the past. And the frame was kinda still dirty from the last .45 ACP range session.

"You are living right, brushing and flossing twice a day and helping old ladies across the street, and THAT's why your .22 is working well?"

That has to be it.

I WAS only loading the mags with 10 rounds. They hold... more. Not sure how many more. They say they are supposed to hold 15, but it seems like a few more might fit in there sometimes. And I haven't paid attention to that top end capacity. But sometimes when I fill mags to the rafters they can have feed issues. I was loading to 10 because the revolver holds 10, and I didn't want the pistols to get jealous of each other. Yeah, I just anthropomorphised right there. See that? Uh huh. Go ahead and put wiener jokes in the comments, Hippy Gun-Banner. I'll treat your views with the same seriousness I did with that anthropomorphicacationtion. Nigh none.

10 is really just a nice round number when the boxes have 50 rounds in them. The numbers work out in the end. Only in the back of my mind was I thinking, "And 10 rounds only might make it jam less..."

So, did I luck out and find a bulk ammo that just so happens works well with my conversion kit? Perhaps. The kit isn't THAT bad with any bulk ammo. Just lucky I guess. But I've always been lucky with my gun and gun accessory acquisitions so far.

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Davidwhitewolf said...

I'm always mystified at the crap spewed at Ciener products on the 'Net. I've had two (a Beretta 92 .22 slide and a 1911 .22 slide that I traded) and both ran like tops. The Beretta slide is still one of my absolute favorite possessions.