Friday, June 11, 2010

Runnin' on Empty

I am low on fodder again. But I’ve been more picky as I’ve matured as a blogger. For instance I didn’t comment on the British Shootings, or the justifiable Chicago shootings and how the gun owners aren’t being prosecuted despite running afoul of localized possession prohibitions. I’ve not explored laws passed or vetoed in other state beside Maryland…

I need to go rifle shooting. For practice, and something to write about.

Maybe I need to make a troll through the gunstores again. To get inspiration on gun types and see what is happening with retail ammo supply now and if it is back to 2007 levels yet.

I got another WWII vet in the neighborhood that is getting on in years that I am friendly with (Not Archie, the crotchety neighbor with a hankering for M3 Greaseguns). And he is a lifetime NRA member. I am seeing if he is interested in maybe parting some of the long guns in his collection. He has a son, but he’s in prison, so if he dies it’s not like he can get his hands on the family heirlooms. He isn’t ready to sell yet. Which I can understand. If I was his age I’d hesitant to part with old friends. It’s not like I have much room in the safe, anyway. If he said “here just take all 2 dozen lever guns and over-unders” as a gift I’d not know what to do with them all. (And I don’t even know what he has. ) Then again, I should ALWAYS have that kind of problem...

I do know that he won't have a closet full of WWII vintage .45s, and Luger war trophies, and what not. From his chats it sounds like he has about what I have, he just got his versions 40+ years earlier than I did. A few pistols, a few more long guns. I don't even know if I'd want to deal with the hassle of pistol transfers.

Any other ideas for fodder?

I wish I could think up a fresh gunblog meme.


Bob said...

Meme ideas:

1. Pick three US Civil War generals to fight by your side in the Zombie Apocalypse.

2. Same, but WWII generals.

3. Same, but US Presidents.

4. Same, but actors (living or dead ok)

5. Same, but writers.

6. Same, but rock musicians.

7. Same, but fictional characters.

That should keep you occupied for a while.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Wow! That's a meme.

Kansas Scout said...

How nice. You befriend an elderly neighbor and what do you think about? Is is...gee, I think I will spend time with this possibly lonely gentleman. Or is it, gee, I will see if I can help this fellow out seeing that his son is in prison and might need something sometime.

Or is can I get my hands on this (you assume) soon to be dying man's guns!

I think that you don't realize what you were doing here. I hope you will give this some reflection.
This is a common thought pattern and all of us have done it sometime.

Pop N Fresh said...

time to start reloading

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yup, Kansas, that's exactly why I talk to him. Otherwise I wouldn't give him the time of day. That's why I had no idea about his NRA membership until he heard I was a member and offered me all his back issues of American Rifleman. Or that his favorite beer is Rolling Rock. Or that he served on a DE in convoys in the North Atlantic, THEN was on an LST for D-Day and had to go down the forecastle tube to unlatch the big doors. Or that he was a lineman for the phone company like my father. And that not an evening goes by when he doesn't thing about, and miss, the wife that died 15 years ago. That's just uninteresting minutiae I dug through for 10 years on the chance I might get my hands on his stuff. If he had good stuff. Otherwise, if the stuff was ordinary, he is just another disposable WWII vet.

But keep making assumptions and commenting about them here.