Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top Shot Zipline

I saw the second Top Shot. Beretta 9mm competition.

The show definitely tried to get a diverse section of shooter types. There are Jacks of All Trade shooters that do everything, and some very specialized top shooters, so some competitors were comfortable with the rifle last show, and are less so with pistols this show.

I wonder if anyone is experienced with the atlatl? If they even HAVE an atlatl battle...

Tubes! They had to shoot down terlet paper tubes!!! I would've sucked at this challenge, were I there.


The red team got to pick a blue team member to sit out. They chose Blake. And he appeared to be a very good pistol shot.

Brad was supposedly the best pistol shot on red, but he struggled a bit in practice, being a big Glock loyalist. But it's a poor craftsman that blames his tools. Keep in mind I could practice 10000 rounds with a lemon squeezer and Brad would come in cold and kick MY ass, I'm sure.

Caleb has shot twice in competition in two episodes, I think, and hit both times... He'll get rusty if he keeps doing so well.

The weakest guy on blue was a historic rifle specialist (Jim?) and wasn't very confident in his ability with this weapon. But he still got it in 2, and blue takes the day. The rest of the blue team did well on first shot hits and few more reds missed so they were a decent showing, but not good enough.

Then came the elimination challenge.

Brad, the Glock pistol guy, and Frank the retired cop. Frank missed twice, but was enthusiastic before elimination selection to be one of the two, to sort of redeem himself.

Both guys didn't like the Beretta.

But I like what Matt Burkett, the trainer , was showing with the grip. Shooting arm bent elbow. New School. Intriguing.

Zip line shooting? You GOT to be kidding me! Amazing. And hulu didn't break for commercial right as one competitor was going down. That looked like it would be fun if there was no competitive pressure.

Long bow next week.


Old NFO said...

It's an interesting show thus far... Caleb hasn't had any major issues, so I'm happy for him. I just don't see any of them really being any competition for Racaza though...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Racaza is an atlatl expert, TOO?!

Hat Trick said...

That zip line did look like fun. Do you think that Brad and Frank made a deal to tie on the first run so they could do it again?

I did aee somebody in the previews for next week bitching about shooting the longbow, don't remember who it was. Looks like we'll see how some of them deal with a steep learning curve as they get into the non-firearm weapons.