Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Police Revolvers

So, most police departments have graduated from revolvers to semi-automatics. That's fine. That doesn't mean there aren't entirely effective revolvers out there that will do just fine for Johnny Law. 6 shots of .38+P is still just dandy for most of the rare occasions cops need it. Cops don't shoot people for a living. They aren't soldiers. When they do need to shoot they need their sidearm to be dead reliable. And revolvers are pretty much that.

Semi-autos are, too, for the most part. But if I was a cop, and hadn't taken my pistol out of the holster on my belt for a year, then all of a sudden needed it... I, personally, would have more confidence if that crumb collecting leather pocket that bounced on my hip for 4 seasons contained a revolver.

Another mark against revolvers? Price. Manufacturing processes have driven the cost of plastic semi-autos right down.

One mark NOT against the revolver? At least not anymore? Capacity. Not when there is an 8 shot .357 available from Smith and Wesson. The R8 It even has a light rail. 8 shots with a speedloader reload and you are comparable to the semi-auto toters as long as your requirement isn't 14 round magazine emptying panic shots.
I wonder if any law enforcement entities have adopted the R8?

Points against it are the $1400 price tag and... the little zit trigger-lock on the frame.

I wonder how many law enforcement entities would sit still for a failure point like that little zit, no matter how remote the chance?

But, I do kinda wish I had gotten a 627 instead of my 686. The regret isn't THAT high. I won't do anything about it, for instance.

And how about THIS for a snubbie! Phew! Another $1400 revolver. That probably throws a huge dragon flame out of that half inch barrel.

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Boat Guy said...

Dunno if two more rounds "solves" the "capacity problem" if it indeed exists (I don't subscribe to it). I'd be just fine with a 4" 625 on the street. I carry one from time-to-time anyway.
For those worried about "capacity" I recommend checking out one each Miculuk, Jerry...