Saturday, June 19, 2010

vlog, Hickok45

I like this guy. Saw him on Firearm blog.

He's not so much a blogger, as a vlogger. Video blog. And he is really good. Has a great radio DJ voice. Articulate. He has the right amount of crotchetiness for a public-face gunnie ( just a hint... you need a hint. perky is RIGHT out, unless you are of the distaff persuasion. even then) He's a very good shot. And he seems pretty knowledgeable (he's been doing this shooty stuff as long as I've been alive...). And I COVET that backyard range. Very nice. Well, I have a lot of videos to watch, it seems. Days worth. 200 + videos

You! Check out Hickok45


commoncents said...
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Kansas Scout said...

Whats with all the smoke? Almost like he is using BP.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Well he does load himself, and according to his reloading video he got the setting he wanted with the powder he wanted 30+ years ago... So it might not be BP, but it also might not be squeaky clean modern.

What if he uses lubricated cast lead bullets? Might that add to the smoke?