Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Longbow Top Shot

Archie loved this episode.

The weapon they are shooting is a 40 pound draw longbow. 100 yards?

And I hadn't noticed what first prize is before this episode. $100,000. Not shabby.

Spoilers to follow...

JJ on Blue Team is a natural and shoots well.

Red Team Bill versus Kelly TV drama has heated up because Kelly is a dumbass. I'm sure that sort of unforced interpersonal error will fade with a little more seasoning and maturity. But I did something like that myself as a younger man. Some how the subject of Canada came up at work while the CEO was standing there, and I, jokingly but stupidly, blurted out, "Canadians? Nothing but a nation of drunks and hockey players." The CEO said, "My WIFE is from Canada." At which point I responded with, "Really, sir? What position does she play?" Yeah. And never march into the boss's office, pick up the picture on the desk and say, "Is this your family? Oh, BOY, your spouse is ugly. And your kids look retarded." Not a good career move. Trust me. I don't put booze in my morning coffee anymore, tho. (and no disrespect to Canadians. really. Slapshot is my favorite movie. Lorne Greene is my favorite Adama.)

And Red team loses the initial challenge again and goes to elimination round.

And there is Peter (and most of the rest of the team) versus Brad drama, too. More interpersonal friction, I think. Wow. Get to the shooting, less of the manufactured stuff. But History channel is the TV expert and know their audience. Not me. But the Red Team has gone beyond selecting elimination challenge people based on shooting skills to selecting via their frictions. And Bill recognizes that.

And the Elimination Challenge is a Crossbow! Scoped and everything. With William Tell style apple targets. Cool.

And next week? AR15s...


Anonymous said...

What exactly did kelly say that was so bad?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

the story varied. something about someone fiance and a shot to the chest and kelly saying something about that person being a bad shot.